Lampara LED/ UV T2 plus 98w 2 in 1

Lampara LED/ UV T2 plus 98w 2 in 1

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EAN / Cod. Barras8435638203905

Smart, High Poer LED - Each device is designed with 42 pcs of UV resistant LEDs with over 50,000 hours lifespan, combination light beads that work well with all kinds of UV and LED gel nail polish, top coat of UV gel, color gel, UV builder gel, LED nail gel, etc.

Touch screen and 4 timers adjustable: The integrated LED display shows the drying time of the nails, smart touch includes 4 buttons, the smart sensor Allows an automatic drying process to be started manually without operations. It is adjustable in 3 timer settings of 30s / 60s / 90s and an automatic setting at 120s for your choice, bring a new nail salon experience.

Smart sensor and low temperature protection: UV LED nail lamp uses the latest independent adjustable touch button design, with built-in precise infrared motion and sensor detection technology. The upgraded sensor prolongs the service life, the nail lamp can be turned off automatically, not only for special occasions, this device can be used anytime, anywhere. Provides protection at low temperatures without burns or tanned skin, while 18 LEDs provide a uniform whitening effect.

Fast drying and wide compatibility: Nail Lamp offers drying speeds up to two times faster than standard UV LED Nail Lamps. A complete cure requires only 25% of the traditional nail lamp, it can shorten the drying time by 75% than other nail lamps, removable bottom plate and portable handle for quick cleaning, apply to your hands or feet, It has enough space for your nails and fingernails. Easy work for an extra hard gel and heals your gel nails very effectively.

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